NDNY is an architecture and design studio located in New York City. We provide interesting solutions for residentail, commercial and hospitality projects.

Our tryst with architecture began 9000 miles away in Asia. Growing up in developing countries, we witnessed firsthand the strain that large populations have on basic resources i.e. water, food and shelter. We have also seen the ravages of civil war which have torn people apart and led to untold destruction of person and property. These impressions have been permanently ingrained in our minds and now inform the way we practice, from small commissions all the way through large constructs.  NDNY (New Delhi | New York) was born out of a resource conscious, hyper functional global mindset. The office has trans-continental aspirations and seeks to set up roots in Asia soon.

Since our inception, our mission has been to deliver projects that embody the highest functional aspirations using all the technological tools at our disposal to generate solutions with the smallest environmental footprint. We practice an inter disciplinary approach and in the past five years have engaged with photographers to develop custom lighting products (Gunlight), worked with researchers to interpret pharmaceutical data into city models and developed our own self discovery mobile applications (LABYL app).

Architecture for us extends beyond the traditional realms and into areas that are not usually part of an Architect’s orbit. NDNY has collaborated across architecture, interior, industrial design, product design, engineering and virtual disciplines. This has allowed us to influence and be influenced by others. Through our practice we strive to make architecture more accessible by generating bespoke solutions for an ever changing and challenging world.